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Our popular play reading series is a forum where new works are given their first voice, and established works are performed just for fun...or sometimes, for possible inclusion as main stage productions in future seasons! 

Evenings consist of a play reading performance followed by a lively audience discussion.


Admission is free.

Donations are welcome!



MAY 2, 2022

Written and Directed by
Tim Hayes

Meet Billy

Billy Grace is an ambitious, brilliant, hardworking student on the cusp of graduating from an elite American university. The Thanksgiving Day holiday becomes a flashpoint as Billy’s parents realize their worst fears: the academic pressure is taking a toll on their son. The group is joined by Billy’s Uncle Walt, who graduated from the same university many years ago.


They all offer guidance to help Billy navigate his senior year as he continues to struggle to decide what he needs to do to graduate in May. The choices people are willing to make in order to achieve their goals becomes the burning question.

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