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HTC wins big in the BroadwayWorld Regional Awards!

We're so excited to share the incredible awards received by HTC, our productions, and our teams in the BroadwayWorld Regional Awards! Celebrating shows which opened between October 1, 2018 and through September 30, 2019, the BroadwayWorld Regional Awards were voted on by the public, with voting closing December 31, 2019.

We are so beyond grateful to have received so many awards! Congratulations to our Board, staff, volunteers, and all the artists involved in making our shows what they are.

HTC Awards:

Best Community Theater Company

Best Ensemble Performance in a Play

You Can't Take it With You

Best Director of a Play

Jake Oliver, You Can't Take it With You

Best Cabaret Performance

Alice Ripley, Broadway at the Barn: Ripley Prescription)

Best Community Theater Production

Next to Normal

Best Director of a Musical

Kathy Connolly, Next to Normal

Best Actor in a Musical

Jake Oliver, Next to Normal

Best Actress in a Musical

Gaelen Gilliland, Next to Normal

We want to thank the fabulous teams of artists, volunteers, and staff, without whom there's no way we could have been named Best Community Theater Company or have brought these shows to life. You guys are the true winners!

You Can't Take it With You

Director Jake Oliver

Producer Kathy Connolly CAST: Arunendra Benerjee, Emilio Cutaneo, Laurie Devino, Charles Dietz, Jessica Freeland, David S. Harris, Mike Kroll, Luke Titus Mandrake, Diane L. Parker, Nadine Poveromo, Arthur Gregory Pugh, Felicia Russell, Ankit Sharma, Howard Smith CREW/STAFF: Stage Manager Chloe Meyer, Set Design Joyce & Joe Horan, Costumes/Props Kathy Connolly & Jake Oliver, Lighting/Sound Chris Szczerbienski, Marketing/Design Heather Thompson

Broadway at the Barn: Ripley Prescription

Starring Alice Ripley

Musical Director Brad Simmons Producers Colleen Cook, Kathy Connolly Lighting/Sound Chris Szczerbienski

Set Joyce Horan

Marketing/Design Heather Thompson

Next to Normal

Director Kathy Connolly

Musical Director Andrew Kosinski Producers Kathy Connolly, Jake Oliver CAST: Gaelen Gilliland, Brian Johnston, Jason Kruk, Arjun Menon, Jake Oliver, Jordan Virgil BAND: Andrew Kosinski, John Kosinski, Christopher McEwan, AJ Kasper CREW/STAFF: Stage Manager Chloe Meyer, Asst. Stage Manager Jessica Duff, Set Design Kathy Connolly & Jake Oliver, Scenic Artist Joyce Horan, Lighting/Sound Chris Szczerbienski, Props/Costumes Jessica Freeland, Managing Director Laurie Devino, Marketing/Design Heather Thompson

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