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Tony Nominee, ROCK OF AGES



For one night only, American Idol semi-finalist and two-time Tony Award nominee Constantine Maroulis comes to Holmdel Theatre Company for the second installment of our Broadway at the Barn series!

The rock 'n roll underdog on American Idol and certified Broadway superstar, Maroulis is a Brooklyn-born and NJ-raised performer with big pipes and an electrifying persona. Best known for his TONY-nominated role in Broadway's Rock of Ages, Maroulis is setting out on a new era and putting out some of his most swaggering solo music to date.

Right here in your backyard, and for one night only, see this superstar perform a medley of musical masterpieces. Skip the trip into the city, the best of Broadway is right here.




Constantine Maroulis was born a scrappy kid in Brooklyn with big pipes, deep pride for his Greek heritage, and a love for the theater and rock n’ roll.  It was an upbringing a world away from the showbiz glitz of New York and Los Angeles, yet he would come to penetrate the firmament of stars in those galaxies many times.


Constantine first came to prominence as the beloved rock n’ roll underdog on American Idol. He then secured his place in pop culture as a Broadway superstar, best known for his TONY-nominated role in Rock Of Ages. Now, for his third act, he begins an invigorating and promising new era with a bevvy of intriguing projects, including putting the finishing touches on his most assured and swaggering solo music to date.


Constantine channels appreciation for his visibility and success through working even harder, including Tony Nominated work as a producer of Broadway’s revival of Deaf West's Spring Awakening, as well as recently releasing the singles, “All About You”, “Here I Come” and “She’s Just Rock N Roll,” from his upcoming album slated for a 2019 release. “In a way, there are two me’s—the guy driving the van-and-trailer, and the guy onstage in front of millions.  I want to be like a really great utility player on a baseball team and play every position on the field. That feels honorable,” he says.  Constantine’s clout is growing on Broadway, as his name is attached to many upcoming projects both as producer and actor.


All of this ambition is held in balance by Constantine’s inspiration – his 8-year old daughter Malena.  Life as a single Dad is not without its challenges, however, Constantine is firm in his commitment to being present in his daughter’s daily life. Constantine says: “I’m really a regular guy, and my family reminds me of that. There is nothing more important to me than spending time with Malena. Everything is for her and her future."



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